ECOPAN radiant panels, thanks to their operation based on the natural principle of radiance, are the most effective system to heat big volumes like industrial halls and warehouses, train and streetcar service workshops, airport hangars, gymnasiums and sport halls, buildings aimed for zootechnical activities, shopping and cultural structures like car dealers, shopping malls, concert halls, meeting rooms and many others.
No heating system currently available can grant the same comfort with so low management costs, thanks to the low thermal inertia of ceiling radiant panels, which allow an intermittent operation of the heating system, only when it is necessary.

ECOPAN ECO-CLIMA aluminium radiant ceilings are the winning choice for premises like offices, hospitals, cultural meeting centres and many others. The same system performs heating and air conditioning, with excellent results in terms of thermal emission, reliability and system setting and managing. No building works are required and installation time is contained

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